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Marietta - Historic District
Marietta Station - Brumby Building
127 Church Street, Suite 205
Marietta, GA  30060

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Therapeutic Massage with a Touch of Spa

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I'm here to help keep you moving when life tries to slow you down.
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    30-Minute Session
    30 Minute Session works well with your Chiropractic visit. It allows for just enough time to do spot work so you can hold your adjustments longer. $45
  2. 3
    60-Minute Session
    1 Hour Session is a full 60 minutes on the table. This allows for more time to work on areas of dysfunction while incorporating your treatment goals. $80
  3. 5
    Pre-Pay for 2 Massages
    Pre-Pay for two 60 minute massages, and you get a $10 discount off each 60-minute session. $150
  4. 6
    60 Minute Reflexology is touch therapy focused on the hands or feet. The entire body (body part, organs, meridians) is mapped out on the feet. $70
  5. 7
    Reiki for your mind, body and spirit. It is an ancient tradition that promotes personal growth and healing on emotional, physical & spiritual levels. $60
  6. 8
    Salt Room Massage
    Have a 30 or 60 minute relaxing Swedish massage, Reiki, or Foot Reflexology in the Salt Room. Offered only on Tuesday morning & Friday afternoon. Price Varies
  7. 1
    15-Minute Escape
    Take 15-minutes to escape your busy workday to relax your shoulders away from your ears, or decrease the discomfort in your lower back. $25
  8. 4
    90-Minute Session
    90 minutes allows for not only spot work on troubled areas, but also to incorporate a full body massage to help bring your body back into balance. $120